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Grade 6 - Science

This is an introductory Science course. Students will learn how to conduct experiments using the scientific method. They will learn how Science fits into everyday life. Students will build basic laboratory skills and practice scientific thinking while covering introductory units on General Science, Chemistry, Physics, and Life Sciences.  During Semester 2, students will plan and carry out a Science Investigation and present their findings formally to the school community. Assessment Programs can be consulted for Semester 1 and Semester 2.

These are the minimum expectations of students in the class. Student notebooks will be checked and graded by this rubric, which is pasted into their notebooks. These grades will go into their classwork portfolio to be counted toward their semester grade.

Middle School Science Fair Written by Dr Erard
Unit 1 - Cells Written by Dr Erard
Unit 1 - Introduction to Science Written by Ms Novick
Unit 2 - Reproduction Written by Dr Erard
Unit 3 - Particle Model of solids, liquids and gases Written by Dr Erard
Unit 4 - Energy resources and electric circuits Written by Dr Erard
Unit 5 - Simple Chemical Reactions Written by Dr Erard
Unit 6 - The solar system and beyond Written by Dr Erard

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