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The Science Department aims to cater for the unique scientific needs of each Saint Maur student. Whether the ultimate aim of students is to gain entrance to study the Sciences at top level Universities or simply to be able to make informed choices on the scientific issues that affect their lives, the Science staff provides them with the tools that they need to be successful. With experience teaching at Elementary through to University level, staff use a variety of teaching styles to make classes accessible to all students. Biology, Chemistry and Physics are taught by teachers who are specialists in their field in superbly equipped purpose built laboratories.

Ms Anna Novick

S Anna Novick 1Ms Anna Novick has been teaching at Saint Maur International School since 2013. She is a former Saint Maur graduate (class of 2008). She attended Japanese school prior to Saint Maur and is fluent in Japanese. She has a BA in Sociology (minor in Psychology) from Harvard University. During her undergraduate career she worked closely with faculty in Cognitive Neuroscience and Evolutionary Psychology. She completed the Undergraduate Teacher Education programe at the Harvard Graduate School of Education during her senior year at the college and obtained a Massachusetts Educator Licensure in Biology in 2013.

Teaching allocations:

  • Grade 7 - Science
  • Grade 11 - IB Biology (SL)
  • Grade 12 - IB Biology (SL)

Mr Hamilton Dias

Dias HamiltonMr. Dias is originally from the USA born in Chicago and raised in South Florida by Brazilian parents. He went to Florida Atlantic University and received two Bachelor degrees in Molecular Biology and the other in Chemistry. He is currently teaching SL Biology to the 11th and 12th graders and he is teaching science to the 7th graders. He has taught previously in Brazil and Kuwait teaching Biology, Chemistry, and Physics within the IB, AP, and IGCSE systems while working in these countries. The past 3 years he has taught special needs students and prepared them for their IGCSE’s. Mr. Dias is passionate about science and strives to pass this enthusiasm to his students. He especially finds the moments where complicated theories make sense as his favorite part of the day.

Teaching allocations:

  • Grade 6 - Science

Dr Guillaume Erard

Guillaume Erard

Dr Guillaume Erard has been teaching at Saint Maur International School since 2010. He holds a BSc in Applied Microbiology (Hons) from the Nottingham Trent University (United Kingdom) and a PhD in Plant-Microbe Molecular Interactions from University College Dublin (Ireland). While a researcher, Dr Erard's main interests consisted in the expression of evolutionary-restricted genes.

Dr Erard has a particular interest in Japanese culture and history and he has been practicing martial arts for over 30 years. He currently holds a fifth degree black belt in Aikido and a fifth degree black belt in Daito-ryu Aiki-jujutsu. He teaches Aikido in his own dojo in Yokohama.

Teaching allocations:

  • Grade 8 - Combined Sciences (Biology)
  • Grade 9 - IGCSE Combined Sciences (Biology)
  • Grade 10 - IGCSE Combined Sciences (Biology)
  • Grade 11 - IB Biology (HL)
  • Grade 12 - IB Biology (HL)

Mr Leonardo Canon-Escobar

Leonardo Canon EscobarLeonardo Canon-Escobar has been teaching at Saint Maur International School since August 2015. He was born in Manizales, Colombia where he obtained a degree in Biology and Chemistry from Caldas University. Before joining us here in Japan, he worked for 9 years at Campion School in the United Kingdom, where he qualified as a teacher. He has also lived in Israel, Austria and Spain.

Experiencing different cultures has enriched his educational skills, enabling him to quickly adapt, learn and understand distinct teaching styles. Leonardo is looking forward to sharing his cultural experience with his students and colleagues.

Teaching allocations:

  • Grade 11 - Contemporary Science

Dr Mary-Anne Suzuki

S Mary Suzuki 1Born in the United Kingdom, Dr. Suzuki obtained a B.A. in Natural Science (Chemistry) and PGCE from Oxford University. After several years teaching in the United Kingdom, she returned to academia and obtained a Ph.D. in Chemistry from St. Andrews University. She moved to Japan in order to continue her research in the field of polymer electrolytes at the National Institute for Materials and Chemical Research at Tsukuba and subsequently as an associate professor in the Department of Materials Science at Shizuoka University. She came to realize that it was the teaching of students that gave her the greatest satisfaction and made the move back into secondary education in the U.K. She joined Saint Maur International School as a chemistry teacher in 2004 and became the Head of Science in 2005.

Dr. Suzuki was initially attracted to Japan by her interest in Judo. She represented Great Britain at the World Student Judo Championships in 1984.

Teaching allocations:

  • Grade 8 - Combined Sciences (Chemistry)
  • Grade 9 - IGCSE Combined Sciences (Chemistry)
  • Grade 10 IGCSE Combined Sciences (Chemistry)
  • Grade 11 - IB Chemistry SL/HL
  • Grade 12 - IB Chemistry SL/HL

Mr Peter Marsh

S Peter Marsh 1Peter Marsh was born and educated in the UK, and has worked in the UK, Germany, Grenada, Tanzania and Japan. He holds an MA degree in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge. In addition to teaching high school Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Theory of Knowledge, he has worked as a research assistant at the Manchester Medical School investigating the encrustation of urinary catheters (a topic remarkable only for being even less interesting than it sounds). He joined Saint Maur in 1993, left in 1999 and, realizing his mistake, returned in 2003. His interests include creative writing and classical music.

Teaching allocations:

  • Grade 8 - Combined Sciences (Physics)
  • Grade 9 - IGCSE Combined Sciences (Physics)
  • Grade 10 - IGCSE Combined Sciences (Physics)
  • Grade 11 - IB Physics (SL/HL)
  • Grade 12 - IB Physics (SL/HL)
  • Theory of Knowledge

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