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Grade 7 - Science

In Grade 7, students will continue to build on their scientific thinking, laboratory techniques and report writing skills, all of which play an important part in 21st Century science. Students will practice these skills as they work through units in the Life Sciences and Physical Sciences. Topics include energy flow through ecosystems, diet and digestion, basic chemistry, forces and motion, and other topics that touch on some of the main themes in modern science: evolution, interdependence, causality, form and function, and equilibrium. During Semester 2, students will plan and carry out a group-based Science Investigation and present their findings to the school community.  You can access the Assessment Programs here for Semester 1 and Semester 2.

These are the minimum expectations of students in the class. Student notebooks will be checked and graded by this rubric, which is pasted into their notebooks. These grades will go into their classwork portfolio to be counted toward their semester grade.

Unit 2 - Chemistry Written by Ms Novick
Unit 1 - Life Sciences Written by Ms Novick

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