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This unit introduces the scientific method. The unit will walk students through the process of formulating a testable research question, developing a scientific hypothesis, selecting variables and controlling variables, collecting data safely, collecting data efficiently, analyzing data, and drawing conclusions based on reasonable inferences. Students will also be introduced to the evaluation process.

Essential idea

Science is an effort to understand the history of the natural world and how that world works using physical evidence as the basis of that understanding.

Learning Targets


Global Citizens: Science is an approach to knowledge that uses a language and thought process that is shared among scientists from around the world
Unique individuals: Students have different ways in which they process and learn material
Life long learners: Students will learn to engage with the natural world through observation, reflection, and thinking. Students will practice applying their knowledge to explain observations/make inferential predictions. Students will apply critical thinking to challenge their assumptions or claims that are not evidence-based. Students will be encouraged to evaluate the quality of evidence.

  • Understand that science is a dynamic process
  • Distinguish science from non-science
  • Use scientific tools to make observations
  • Articulate observations scientifically
  • Articulate a testable research question
  • Formulate a testable, scientific hypothesis
  • Identify independent and dependent variables
  • Appreciate the need for controlled variables to conduct a fair test
  • Follow appropriate safety protocols in the lab
  • Collect reliable and valid data
  • Record data efficiently using tables
  • Draw graphs to analyze data
  • Make logical inferences based on observation

Learning Resources

Scientific method: traditional model


Scientific method: dynamic model



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