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Science Fair is an opportunity for students to demonstrate the skills they learned in the scientific inquiry unit and those they have been practicing throughout the year. They are required to devise a project which includes a research questions, hypothesis and a design. They will be required to carry out this project, collect results and draw conclusions. Students will be assessed on each component of the project as well as the quality of their verbal communication and their personal skills in carrying out group work during this time, which is less structured than they will be accustomed to.

This page is were you will find all information about Grade 6 Science Fair. Read each document carefully and make sure that you mark the various deadlines in your planner.

Important documents

While many science fair projects encompass multiple sciences, the ideas here have been grouped together based on their overall relevance to each of the natural sciences and engineering. Students can highlight topics and ideas that harness their interest. This helps students narrow down an area of science to investigate by adding up the number of ideas they find interesting in each subject. The document is NOT intended to be used as an "idea pool" from which students select research questions; it is instead intended to be used as a tool in the process of generating a workable research question for young scientists who are relatively new to scientific investigations.

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