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University of Manchester researchers present their work to IB Biologists

  • Written by Dr Erard

Thanks to an ongoing effort to communicate about its many activities, the Science Department has been generating more and more interest from fellow scientists in Japan and abroad. We were recently contacted by Dr Tucker Gilman, a biologist at the University of Manchester, who kindly offered us to present his work to our students. Dr Gilman and one of his graduate students, Ms Rebecca Lewis, came to our school on Friday 18th of May and gave our Grade 11 IB Biologists a 1-hour presentation of their work through a lecture and an exciting activity.

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Science Fair 2018

  • Written by Ms Novick

Each year in semester 2, the grade six and seven students work in pairs or groups of up to four to design and carry out an investigation of their choice in order to practice and build upon their scientific skills.

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Laboratory Techniques Tutorial Videos

  • Written by Dr Erard

The IB Biology students having completed their Individual Investigations, they are now proficient in a number of laboratory techniques, which they had to master in order to complete their projects. In a spirit of sharing, they have agreed to dedicate some of their precious time to demonstrate those newly acquired skills in front of the camera, in order to help subsequent generations of students.

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PSG funds replacement of scientific equipment

  • Written by Dr Suzuki

In October of last year (2017) the Science Department was in panic! The water still for preparing distilled water had broken down irretrievably. In constant use since the original purchase in 2004 it chose the moment before the IB Biology Individual Investigations to stop working. Faced with purchasing large volumes of distilled water at great expense from the chemical supplier or replacing the machine with a new one to supply distilled water more cheaply in-house, the Science Department looked into the cost of replacement. With insufficient funds in the Science Department budget, the school temporarily funded the replacement purchase and suggested that we approach the Parent Support Group (PSG). As is often the case, the PSG came to the rescue!

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