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Laboratory Techniques

  • Written by Dr Erard
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The students of the Science Department like to share their knowledge with other scientists. Here you will find a number of lab techniques tutorials that they have produced in various subjects.

Bacterial isolation on Petri dishes demonstrated by Miyu S. (Grade 12)

Gram staining demonstrated by Ayumu N. (Grade 12)

Bacterial smapling on Petrifilms demonstrated by Celine M. (Grade 12)

Plasmolysis in onion epidermal cells demonstrated by David C. (Grade 9)

Bromelain activity on gelatin demonstrated by Celine E. (Grade 9) with the assistance of Riko S. (Grade 9)

Lung dissection (Grade 12)

Science Lectures

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We regularly welcome guest scientists and academics. You will find below some of the lectures and presentations that they generously gave to our students.

Dr Todd Taylor (RIKEN) on Big Data in Science

Dr Vanessa Sancho-Shimizu (Imperial College London) on Genetics and Disease

Dr Tucker Gilman & Ms Rebecca Lewis (Manchester University) on Conservation and Culture 

Dr Shirley Tamura (formerly Harvard and U.C. Berkeley's Schools of Public Health) on Nutrition Science

Dr Jay Shin (RIKEN) on What Is Research?

Science Department Events

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We regularly organize events to celebrate our student's work or to provide them with opportunities to deepen their knwoledge.

Middle School Science Fair

Grade 12 IB Group 4 projects


Montessori visit to the Science Center

Grade 11 IB Chemistry Individual Investigations


  • Written by Dr Erard
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Here you will find the official playlist with all the videos shot in Science Department. We will keep making more of these videos as the year unrolls so stay tuned!

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