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S Mary Suzuki 1Born in the United Kingdom, Dr. Suzuki obtained a B.A. in Natural Science (Chemistry) and PGCE from Oxford University. After several years teaching in the United Kingdom, she returned to academia and obtained a Ph.D. in Chemistry from St. Andrews University. She moved to Japan in order to continue her research in the field of polymer electrolytes at the National Institute for Materials and Chemical Research at Tsukuba and subsequently as an associate professor in the Department of Materials Science at Shizuoka University. She came to realize that it was the teaching of students that gave her the greatest satisfaction and made the move back into secondary education in the U.K. She joined Saint Maur International School as a chemistry teacher in 2004 and became the Head of Science in 2005.

Dr. Suzuki was initially attracted to Japan by her interest in Judo. She represented Great Britain at the World Student Judo Championships in 1984.

Teaching allocations:

  • Grade 8 - Combined Sciences (Chemistry)
  • Grade 9 - IGCSE Combined Sciences (Chemistry)
  • Grade 10 IGCSE Combined Sciences (Chemistry)
  • Grade 11 - IB Chemistry SL/HL
  • Grade 12 - IB Chemistry SL/HL

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