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In this unit students are taught how to work safely in the laboratory. The expectations for Grade 9 Science students are explained in terms of performance and necessary equipment.

Learning targets

Please see the standards, benchmarks and checklists for core scientific skills.

Saint Maur Essential Outcomes

Moral Citizens

  • The importance of academic honesty and correct referencing/ citation of sources
  • Honesty and integrity in the reporting of data is vital.
  • Moral and ethical experimentation

Unique Individuals

  • Often the greatest leaps in Science are made when scientists think outside the box.

Global Citizens

  • The use of internationally established scientific standards.
  • Recognition that the use of symbols and equations is an internationally recognized ‘language’.
  • The scientific community has certain common principles, methods and understandings that provide a framework for their endeavours.
  • The study of Science is by nature collaborative. Large-scale collaboration allows problems to be tackled from different perspectives and for scientists to reap benefits of different disciplines or areas of expertise.

Balanced Learners

  • Communicating efficiently – concisely and precisely in oral presentations and lab reports

Life-Long Learners (Communicative Learners, Inquiring Learners, Collaborative learners, Resilient Learners, Reflective Learners, Open Minded Learners)

  • The importance of basing decisions on sufficient reliable evidence.
  • Careful observation and recognition of patterns of behavior allows us to make predictions about the behavior of the natural world.
  • Different points of view may be based on different evidence.

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