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In this unit, students will study the characteristic of acids and bases and their reactions to form salts. Students will be asked to apply their knowledge from previous topics to write balanced chemical equations for the reactions studied. The reaction of acids and bases will be illustrated through a series of practical activities.

Learning targets


Careful observation and recognition of patterns of behavior allows us to make predictions about the behavior of the natural world

C8. Acids, bases and salts

C8.1 The characteristic properties of acids and bases

  • Describe neutrality and relative acidity and alkalinity in terms of pH (whole numbers only) measured using full-range indicator and litmus
  • Describe the characteristic reactions between acids and metals, bases (including alkalis) and carbonates
  • Describe and explain the importance of controlling acidity in the environment (air, water and soil)

C8.2 Preparation of salts

  • Describe the preparation, separation and purification of salts using techniques selected from section C2.1 and the reactions specified in section C8.1
  • Supplement: Suggest a method of making a given salt from suitable starting material, given appropriate information

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