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In this unit, students are introduced to the most fundamental concept of the mole. They learn how to make the relationship between numbers of atoms and masses of atoms. Material covered will include the mole concept, formulae, chemical equations, mass and gaseous volume relationships in chemical reactions and solutions.

Essential idea

Physical and chemical properties depend on the ways in which different atoms combine.

Learning Targets


Global Citizens – Chemical equations as an international language, IUPAC and standardized nomenclature, the SI system.

Topic 1: Stoichiometric relationships

  • Be able to write balanced chemical equations
  • Understand changes of state
  • Understand that the mole concept provides the link between numbers of particles and masses of particles
  • Be able to carry out calculations using the mole concept
  • Analysis of experimental data using the mole concept
  • Be able to calculate reacting masses, limiting reagents, concentrations
  • Achieve an understanding of the ideal gas equation and its implications
  • Obtain experience and an understanding of the importance of the titration technique
  • The detailed curriculum can be consulted here.

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