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IB - Chemistry (SL & HL)

IB Chemistry Class of 2017

This is a very challenging college preparatory course which prepares the students for the IB/AP examinations. Students following IB HL Chemistry may also opt to take the AP Chemistry examination but since the IB and AP curricula do not fully overlap, such students will be expected to do some independent studies. The course includes the fundamentals of chemistry (SL/HL) and some very intensive laboratory work (SL/HL). HL students will study material already covered at SL in much greater depth and will often be required to describe phenomena mathematically. All students will carry out a 10 hour individual Chemistry investigation that will contribute 20% to the final IB grade. Students take the IB exams in May of Grade 12. Proficiency in advanced Mathematics is essential to do well.

Important documents include the IB Chemistry Syllabus, the IB Data Booklet, and Assessment Programs for Grade 11 Semester 1 and Semester 2, and Grade 12 Semester 1 and Semester 2.

Topic 1: Stoichiometric relationships Written by Dr Suzuki
Topic 2 & 12: Atomic Structure Written by Dr Suzuki
Topic 3 & 13: Periodicity Written by Dr Suzuki
Topics 4 & 14: Bonding Written by Dr Suzuki
Topics 5 & 15: Energetics Written by Dr Suzuki
Topics 6 & 16: Kinetics Written by Dr Suzuki
Topics 7 & 17: Equilibrium Written by Dr Suzuki
Topics 8 & 18: Acids and Bases Written by Dr Suzuki
Topics 9 & 19: Redox Processes Written by Dr Suzuki
Topics 10 & 20: Organic Chemistry Written by Dr Suzuki
Topic 11: Measurement and Data Processing Written by Dr Suzuki
Option A: Materials Written by Dr Suzuki
Laboratory Skills Written by Dr Suzuki
IB Chemistry Individual Investigations Written by Dr Erard

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