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In this unit, students will be introduced to the Periodic Table as a powerful tool for predicting reactivity and behaviour of elements. Definitions of the terms atom, element, molecule and compound will be given. Students will review the pH scale for measuring 'degrees of acidity', which will lead to a discussion of the characteristics of acids, bases and salts. Reactions of metals and tests for gases, acids and alkalis will also be taught through a series of practical activities.

Learning targets

  • Can locate metals and non-metals in the Periodic Table.
  • Understands physical changes and changes of state in terms of behaviour of particles.
  • Can make predictions about behaviour of elements based on their position in the Periodic Table.
  • Can describe the structure of the atom (arrangements of electrons and protons)
  • Can describe reactivity trends for Group 1 (Alkali Metals) of the Periodic Table.
  • Can describe characteristic reactions of acids. Can write word equations for salt forming reactions.
  • Can carry out tests for acids, alkalis, gases, metals and non-metals.
  • Can collect, use and interpret pH data with confidence.

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