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In this unit, students will learn why it is critical to be fit and healthy. Specific fitness programs will be introduced and students will learn to design programs for different types of people. The respiratory and joint system will be presented and students will label parts of the two systems. The effects of smoking, alcohol and drugs will be reviewed through discussions. The mechanism of breathing will be introduced to students. The importance of respiratory, circulatory and digestive system to maintain good health will be discussed.

Learning targets

  • Define fitness
  • Define and write the word equation for respiration
  • Explain how your respiratory system, circulatory system and digestive system works when you exercise


Discuss the influence of keeping a good diet, healthy level of activity on being a balanced learner.

  • Recognize the factors that cause some people to be fitter than others
  • State difference types of exercise required to improve one’s fitness
  • Label and state the functions of each part of the respiratory system
  • Describe the special features of a trachea/windpipe
  • Describe the mechanism when breathing in and breathing out
  • Explain why smoking damages your health
  • Explain the effect of tar, nicotine and carbon monoxide on the lungs
  • State the 3 categories of drugs and the 3 main types of drugs
  • Explain why drugs are addictive
  • What are the side effects of different types of drugs?
  • State that alcohol is a depressant.
  • Describe the long term and short term side effects of alcohol
  • Describe hinge joint and ball and socket joint
  • Label the parts of a joint
  • State the functions of each part of a joint
  • Describe the uses of ligaments and tendons
  • Explain the term antagonistic
  • Explain the contraction and relaxation of biceps and triceps muscles in the arm
  • Able to design suitable fitness programmes for different people

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