In this unit, students will learn the influence of the earth, sun and moon on each other. They will study the changing seasons. They will go on to study the relative position of earth in relation to the solar system, the galaxy, galaxy clusters, and the universe.

Learning targets

McREL: Science, McREL: Level III (Grades 6-8) , Nature of Science

Standard 12. Understands the nature of scientific inquiry

  1. Knows that there is no fixed procedure called "the scientific method," but that investigations involve systematic observations, carefully collected, relevant evidence, logical reasoning, and some imagination in developing hypotheses and explanations
  2. Designs and conducts a scientific investigation (e.g., formulates hypotheses, designs and executes investigations, interprets data, synthesizes evidence into explanations, proposes alternative explanations for observations, critiques explanations and procedures)
  3. Knows that observations can be affected by bias (e.g., strong beliefs about what should happen in particular circumstances can prevent the detection of other results)
  4. Establishes relationships based on evidence and logical argument (e.g., provides causes for effects)
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