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Middle School Science Fair 2016

  • Written by Dr Erard
Science Fair

The 2016 edition of Saint Maur International School's Middle School Science Fair successfully took place on Friday, May 6th 2016 in the Science Center. After several weeks of planning, hard work, and writing, students from Grade 6 and Grade 7 presented their work to peers, teachers, and parents.

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IB Scientists Complete their Group 4 Projects

  • Written by Dr Erard

On the Friday before the last mid-term break, students of Grade 12 took part in one of the major events on the Science calendar: the Group 4 project. The Group 4 project is an interdisciplinary activity in which all Diploma Programme science students must participate. This is the first time for our IB scientists have had to undertake joint research in collaboration with specialists in other sciences. Find out what happened on that day via our latest video!

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Middle School Science Fair 2015

  • Written by Ms Novick

There was a bustling of activity in the Science Center starting at about 1pm on the first day of May as twenty-one groups of sixth and seventh graders set up for the Middle School Science Fair 2015. In addition to the 10+ weeks of research and data collection, the students had devoted many hours designing posters upon which to display their findings. Parents, friends, faculty (and Science Fair judges!) came to view these posters and hear about what each group had discovered. Students from Yokohama Science Frontier High School also attended the event.

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