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Following the Science Immersion Camp where Saint Maur students visited the Yokohama Science Frontier High School (YSFH) campus for three days, we invited several students from YSFH to experience what our school is like. The YSFH students shadowed the Saint Maur students for three days and participated in our classes, homerooms and also the College Fair.

Although adjusting to an all-English learning environment must have been a great challenge to undertake for the YSFH students, all of them came to school every morning eager to learn with a smile on their faces. The positive attitude they maintained and the proactive participation in classes were well received by both our own students and teachers. Especially in our science classes, YSFH students provided different perspectives and stimulated our students.

ysfh exchange 07

Students learn how to use Bioinformatics tools

By the third day, the YSFH students appeared to be relaxed and comfortable around all their classmates, not just their “buddy”s that they were initially assigned to. In the classrooms, lively discussions on various topics were overheard; ranging from the differences in our schools to US presidential election (the matter of the moment!). The three days of their visit was a valuable and stimulating experience for us, and where many ideas were exchanged and friendships were forged.

ysfh exchange 04

Chemistry Investigation

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