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IB Biology - IA Presentations

  • Written by Dr Erard

The Internal Assessment is one of the most substantial tasks that are required from IB Science students, regardless of their level. In order to help fellow incoming IB Scientists, this year's Grade 12 HL Biologists decided to present the fruit of their many hours of dedicated work.

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Laboratory Techniques Tutorial Videos

  • Written by Dr Erard

The IB Biology students having completed their Individual Investigations, they are now proficient in a number of laboratory techniques, which they had to master in order to complete their projects. In a spirit of sharing, they have agreed to dedicate some of their precious time to demonstrate those newly acquired skills in front of the camera, in order to help subsequent generations of students.

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Yokohama Science Frontier High School students visit our school

  • Written by Shizuku Sunagawa

Following the Science Immersion Camp where Saint Maur students visited the Yokohama Science Frontier High School (YSFH) campus for three days, we invited several students from YSFH to experience what our school is like. The YSFH students shadowed the Saint Maur students for three days and participated in our classes, homerooms and also the College Fair.

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