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Welcome to Saint Maur International School's Science Department!

The Science Department aims to cater for the unique scientific needs of each Saint Maur student. Whether the ultimate aim of students is to gain entrance to study the Sciences at top level Universities or simply to be able to make informed choices on the scientific issues that affect their lives, the Science staff provides them with the tools that they need to be successful.

Latest News

Saint Maur featured on RIKEN website

16-08-2016 News by Dr Erard

We reported previously about the fact that we visited tht RIKEN research facilities in Yokohama and shot a video for the occasion. It turns out that RIKEN liked it so...

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Youngbin Noh Senior Scientist of the Year

02-06-2016 News by Dr Suzuki

The Science Department is proud to announce the name of the Scientist of the Year for the academic year 2015 - 2016. This year's recipient is Youngbin Noh, an extremely...

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PSG Funds New Microbiology Equipment!

18-05-2016 News by Dr Erard

The Saint Maur scientists were in for a treat this month as they received a new piece of equipment purchased for them thanks to the support of the Saint Maur...

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Middle School Science Fair 2016

11-05-2016 News by Dr Erard

Science Fair

The 2016 edition of Saint Maur International School's Middle School Science Fair successfully took place on Friday, May 6th 2016 in the Science Center. After several weeks of planning, hard...

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Grade 11 biologists visit RIKEN Yokohama

25-04-2016 News by Dr Erard

RIKEN Yokohama

Grade 11 biologist recently were offered the opportunity to get a first hand impression of what research looks like in the real world. Standard and higher level IB Biology students...

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IB Scientists Complete their Group 4 Projects

30-10-2015 News by Dr Erard

On the Friday before the last mid-term break, students of Grade 12 took part in one of the major events on the Science calendar: the Group 4 project. The Group...

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IB Biologists dissect lungs

31-08-2015 News by Dr Erard

Students of Dr Erard's class undertook their first dissection of animal tissue and got to investigate the structure of sheep's lungs. Find out what they discovered!

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New microbiology equipment in Biology

03-06-2015 News by Dr Erard

The Science Department was very excited this morning when a huge box was delivered containing a new piece of equipment that will help teachers and students to undertake microbiological experiments.

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Montessori visit to the Science Building

27-05-2015 News by Dr Erard

It is never too soon to start learning about Science and the Montessori Students at Saint Maur International School have already started! Here we see students doing colorful experiments with...

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IB Chemistry students started their individual investigations

14-05-2015 News by Dr Erard

Students of Dr Suzuki's IB Chemistry class were the first students to undertake the challenging individual investigation that is part of the new IB curriculum. We produced a video to...

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Middle School Science Fair 2015

01-05-2015 News by Ms Novick

There was a bustling of activity in the Science Center starting at about 1pm on the first day of May as twenty-one groups of sixth and seventh graders set up...

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Grade 11 Day Trip at the Miraikan

04-02-2015 News by Dr Erard

The Saint Maur International School Middle and High School Educational Excursions took place last Friday. Eleventh graders traveled to Tokyo's Odaiba Bay in order to spend the day at the...

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Science Blog

FOOD: Was it better before and should we go organic?

01-12-2015 Blog by Dr Erard

Thanks to many awareness-raising campaigns operated over the past 30 years, people are now more and more interested in what is in their plate. However, it is sometimes difficult to...

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Unintelligent design

27-10-2015 Blog by Dr Erard

Far from being the outcome of a perfect design, our bodies are in reality more like a collection of quirks, flaws, and sometimes malfunctioning parts. All were added through time...

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Does homeopathy work?

10-10-2015 Blog by Dr Erard

There is quite a bit of confusion among the general public regarding what homeopathic remedies are. Even if a precise definition is given, there are some strong opinions expressed on...

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Emergent properties of multicellular organisms

24-08-2015 Blog by Ms Novick

Perhaps one of the most difficult concepts to understand in biology is that of emergent properties in multicellular organisms. As a teacher, I've often been guilty of explaining this idea...

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The Ability to Learn: An Evolutionary Advantage or a Cost?

07-06-2015 Blog by Ms Novick

Close social interaction with others also means a greater opportunity for pathogens and diseases to spread between people. According to a recent article by Collin McCabe, a doctoral student in...

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Does cursing relieve from pain?

07-06-2015 Blog by Dr Erard

Do you ever find yourself using colorful language and high-voltage words whenever you bump your little toe into the bedroom table? British psychologists Richard Stephens and Claudia Umland probably do...

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Why We Get Sick

06-06-2015 Blog by Dr Erard

Randolph Nesse is a physician and evolutionary biologist. He has a particular interest on the origin and biology of emotions. Students will find his ideas on how evolution can explain...

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What would aliens look like?

03-06-2015 Blog by Dr Erard

Have you ever wondered why aliens in most science fiction movies looked strangely like humans? A head, two eyes, two arms, two legs... Hollywood aliens are indeed suspiciously anthropomorphic, but...

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Central Dogma meets Gundam

01-06-2015 Blog by Dr Erard

Teaching the mechanics of the Central Dogma of molecular biology can be a tricky exercise. Scientist at the RIKEN Yokohama institute Omics Science Center (RIKEN OSC) had a go at...

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Science Videos

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  • Science - Grade 11 Biology - Visit to the RIKEN Research Institute
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  • Science - Educational Excursions - Miraikai Science Museum and Sony Explora

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