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Welcome to Saint Maur International School's Science Department!

The Science Department aims to cater for the unique scientific needs of each Saint Maur student. Whether the ultimate aim of students is to gain entrance to study the Sciences at top level Universities or simply to be able to make informed choices on the scientific issues that affect their lives, the Science staff provides them with the tools that they need to be successful.

Latest News

Middle School Science Fair 2017

18-05-2017 News by Ms Novick

The middle school science investigations came to a close on Friday, May 12 at the Middle School Science Fair where fifteen groups in Grade 7 and nine groups in Grade...

Science Blog

FOOD: Was it better before and should we go organic?

01-12-2015 Blog by Dr Erard

Thanks to many awareness-raising campaigns operated over the past 30 years, people are now more and more interested in what is in their plate. However, it is sometimes difficult to...

Science Videos

  • Middle School Science Fair 2017
  • YSFH Forum for International Research in Science and Technology - Presentation and Highlights
  • How to plate bacteria using the streak quadrants method? - IB Biology
  • How to do a Gram stain? - IB Biology

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