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Welcome to Saint Maur International School's Science Department!

The Science Department aims to cater for the unique scientific needs of each Saint Maur student. Whether the ultimate aim of students is to gain entrance to study the Sciences at top level Universities or simply to be able to make informed choices on the scientific issues that affect their lives, the Science staff provides them with the tools that they need to be successful.

Latest News

Grade 1 Experience Chemistry First Hand

26-09-2016 News by Dr Erard

To experience first hand what it is like to be a chemist, the students were invited to Dr. Suzuki’s Chemistry Lab to make green silly putty. In order to be successful...

Science Blog

Focus on Grade 8 Chemistry

15-09-2016 Blog by Dr Suzuki

At the start of Semester 1, Grade 8 have been focusing on developing their core scientific skills in Chemistry. Some of the questions that we have been encouraging students to...

Science Videos

  • Science - Middle School Science Fair 2016
  • Science - Grade 11 Biology - Visit to the RIKEN Research Institute
  • Science -
  • Science - Educational Excursions - Miraikai Science Museum and Sony Explora

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